Private Label Design, Development & Manufacturing

Fulfilling the creative vision and technical requirements of our client partners is our key focus. From design and development to final production and even packaging, we produce products utilizing a variety of materials. Our designers and product developers search world markets and employ international fashion, color and trend services to customize products to client specifications. With our long-established overseas factory network Edco ensures consistent high quality products and on time deliveries. Following are Edco’s core competencies

Metal Jewelry, Accessories and Watches

Acrylic and Resin Jewelry and Accessories

Cut & Sew Accessories and Plush

Packaging and Custom Displays

Tiaras and Hair Ornaments

Innovate and Create

Edco provides a full service approach for private label fashion jewelry, accessories and hair ornaments. Our domestic design teams are located in Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Orlando while our overseas design teams reside in Spain, China and Thailand. Our product designers have been strategically selected for their excellent skill specialties and creativity. The Edco design team is ready to execute your concepts and enhance your brand’s image.


Executing the Concept

Metals – Our designers create rings, jewelry pieces and hair ornaments using computer assisted technology. With our client partners we review the designs and make any desired adjustments.  Once the artistic designs and three dimensional renderings are approved, a 3D print is produced or a wax model is milled for approval.  Exact replicas of the computer created design are then produced and finished according to the client’s specifications.  Approval samples are provided before final production.  TOP Samples are provided when needed.

Acrylic and Soft Lines – These projects are closely managed also.  Our design specialists in these materials are inspired by client partners’ visions to produce a multitude of initial 2D options.  From these 2D options, selections are determined to take to 3D design.  3D prints for approval are produced for the acrylic and resin designs prior to mold making.  For the soft line items a physical sample is constructed for approval prior to production.  TOP Samples are provided when needed.


Edco has manufactured and imported products from overseas for over 30 years and has established an excellent factory base. Our supply chain is consolidated to maximize our overseas partners strengths while continuously striving to improve social conditions at our overseas facility. We work closely with our factories and conduct annual audits to ensure the well being of our partners. Edco conducts pre-production inspections and final product inspections prior to shipping to ensure projects are executed properly.

In addition to factory audits, Edco’s sourcing and product development teams travel to Asia twice a year to meet with current and potential overseas partners.


Each custom project is created in conjunction with our licensor partners.  The Edco teams work closely with the factories to make certain our customers are provided high quality, compliant and brand-enhancing products that meet specifications and arrive on time.  Our design, materials, manufacturing and quality control ensure the highest quality in product and safety. Protecting our licensor’s Product Integrity is of the upmost importance.

Edco requires that any factory using Gold, Tin, Tantalum or Tungsten in their manufacturing process to provide their smelter name and address. This is to ensure the smelter is a part of the Compliant Smelter and Refiner list and ensures these materials are not sourced from any conflict areas.

Logistic Solutions

Edco distributes globally from our China or US offices. We provide our customer with the most efficient and cost saving solutions.

Edco is able to track our customer’s shipment and provide updates on customs clearance and delivery schedule by being able to track a shipment as soon as it leaves our overseas factory. Edco offers FOB services and prepares all needed documentation for customs release. We also offer warehouse solutions in our Los Angeles facility where goods can be delivered and distributed as needed.

Edco offers on going servicing to meet our customer’s needs. Our service teams are highly skilled in managing inventory, merchandising and ensuring products are on the shelf to help businesses maximize profits. Our teams service many types of businesses such as: theme parks, cruise lines, department stores, drug stores, aquariums, gift shops, and many more.


Edco has always been a family company. Fred Stoops, founder of Edco, was inspired by his father-in-law, Harold Riley, Regional Sales Manager for a Providence, Rhode Island jewelry manufacturer, to come to Southern California to start a fashion ring business in 1954.
A dreamer and visionary, Fred took his father-in-law’s advice and left his sales position with Wilson’s sporting goods to pursue his entrepreneurial dream. He sold the family home in St. Louis, bought a new station wagon, packed up his young family and headed west. Starting in Los Angeles, Fred established a strong customer base from the Mexican border north to the Canadian border. Frequent trips back to his home state of Missouri created opportunities for many customers along historic Route 66.
In those beginning years, Fred created the enclosed counter top fixture concept for sized rings which entirely changed the way the jewelry industry marketed sized rings. Fred discovered that partnering with travel and tourist related customers was his niche. As the theme park and resort industry developed in Southern California in1955, Edco was poised to be a leading provider of fashion rings, jewelry and accessories for these venues.

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Fred would be happy and proud to see that three of his grandchildren have assumed leadership roles with Edco. They are bringing exciting new energy, concepts and programs to the Company. The team makes frequent factory visits to ensure factories and products meet our strict standards of compliance. 3D custom design projects are an integral part of our business development strategies today. We constantly strive to advance with innovative technologies and materials. With more than sixty successful year of business, Edco continues to evolve and meet the growing needs of our valued clients and the changing landscape of consumerism.


We believe in:

Edco’s mission is to be the world class supplier of branded jewelry and accessories to entertainment and destination companies globally.  We supply our clients with innovative, top selling, cost effective products tailored to their brand’s story.  We serve our clients’ needs through exceptional design creativity, a relentless pursuit of efficiency and an unyielding commitment to supply chain excellence.

Our Six Pillars of Success:

Design Excellence

World Class Manufacturing

Superior Service and Delivery

Continuous Pursuit of Efficiency and Cost Reductions

High Performing Teams

Access to Information


Both new and longtime customers look to Edco for creative ideas and solutions in adult and children’s jewelry, accessories, tiaras, keychains, pins, hair accessories and novelties. Whether an entire themed product line is to be developed, a new product extension is needed or an event specialty item is desired, Edco offers the complete solution.

Theme Parks & Resorts

Travel & Cruise Industry Retailers

Teleshopping & Direct Marketers

Comic & Video Entertainment

Specialty Stores & Boutiques

Corporate Identity Brands

Fashion Retailers

Drug & Variety Stores


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